Accelerator for Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud

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MuleSoft Accelerator for B2C Commerce Cloud provides pre-built APIs, implementation templates and an architecture point of view to help IT teams jumpstart the development of common commerce use cases to accelerate project delivery.

Key Components


  • Support for core business processes – Processes such as customer on-boarding, product availability, notification of updates and payment processing.
  • Architecture best practice – An architecture POV following an API-led approach to integration, promoting asset self-service and reuse.
  • Prebuilt API designs and implementations.

API-Led Approach for Commerce

This Accelerator follows an API-led approach, which promotes asset reuse and self-service. In the above diagram, by using APIs, we’ve removed the need to have deep knowledge of end systems such as Salesforce, PayPal and more.

System Layer

System APIs abstract away the complexity of core retail systems of record from the end user, while providing downstream insulation from any interface changes or rationalization of those systems.

Assets Included:

Process Layer

Process APIs decouple business processes that interact with and shape data from the source systems where the data originated. For example, the “Payment Process API” contains logic that is common across multiple entities, which can be called by product, geography, or channel-specific parent services.

Assets Included:

Experience Layer

Experience APIs are the means by which data can be reconfigured so that it is most easily consumed by its intended audience, all from a common data source, rather than setting up separate point-to-point integrations.

Assets included:

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