OAuth 2.0 JWE access token enforcement - API Policy

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Enforces use of signed and encrypted JWT access tokens within an authorization header to access the API on which the policy is applied. This policy decrypts the JWE using shared AES key, then validates signature by using provided URL with RSA JWK key set and finally verifies JWT claims: iss, exp, nbf. The JWK Set is cached for period of 10 minutes to prevent delays.

If any of this fails, the policy rejects access to the API and returns 401 Unauthorized status code.

Supported Encryption Algorithms

  • AES_128/GCM/NoPadding (A128GCM in JWT terminology)
  • AES_256/GCM/NoPadding (A256GCM in JWT terminology)

Supported Signature Algorithms

  • SHA256withRSA (RS256 in JWT terminology)
  • SHA384withRSA (RS384 in JWT terminology)
  • SHA512withRSA (RS512 in JWT terminology)

Required Token Properties

HTTP Authorization header must have the following form: Bearer <token>

The token consist of 5 Base64url encoded fields concatenated with "dot" : header.key.iv.ciphertext.tag

  • header - Contains info about JWE.
  • key - Is empty, because direct content encryption is assumed.
  • iv - Initialization vector for encryption algorithm (usually random bytes).
  • ciphertext - Encrypted JWS in compact serialization (header.payload.signature).
  • tag - Authentication tag. Product of authenticated encryption.

JWE Header Fields

JWE header fields must be as follows:

  • alg dir
  • cty JWT
  • enc A128GCM or A256GCM

Example JWE header:

  "alg" : "dir",
  "enc" : "A128GCM",
  "cty" : "JWT"

Nested JWS Header Fields

Nested JWS header fields must be as follows:

  • alg RS256 or RS384 or RS512
  • typJWT

Example JWS header:

  "alg": "RS256",
  "typ": "JWT"

JWT Claims

The following JWT claims are validated:

  • iss - must match the provided required issuer
  • exp - expiration time must be in the future. This must be present in JWT.
  • nbf - not before - if provided in JWT, it must be in the past.

Example JWT claims:

  "sub": "12345",
  "nbf": 1479124625,
  "iss": "https://issuer.example.com",
  "exp": 1481716745,
  "iat": 1479124745,
  "ssn": "13245-324-543"


The policy configuration contains several input parameters:

  • Issuer - defines an issuer of JWT token. It is usually in URI/URL form.
  • JWKs URL - URL pointing to the JSON Web Key Set containing RSA public keys.
  • Signature algorithm - Algorithm to use to verify signature of nested JWS
  • Encryption algorithm - Algorithm to use to decrypt the JWE
  • Encryption key - Base64 URL encoded AES key. If the AES key is in JWK form, it is the value of the 'k' key.

Example Configuration:

  • Issuer https://issuer.example.com
  • JWKS URL https://issuer.example.com/oauth2/keys.jwks
  • Signature algorithm RS256
  • Encryption algorithm A128GCM
  • Encryption key dHLyjIik981jQZ1nafdMJc

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