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Covid vaccine appointments in Västra Götaland

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List where Närhälsan is vaccinating people in Västra Götaland. Eventually some additional healthcare actors will add their data later on.


API Owner: Marcus Österberg

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This API exposes a service that returns available booking timeslots for Covid-19 vaccinations


Consumers of this API need an API key, please create an account to get an API key. Please note that your email address will be stored on Amazon's servers.

Common errors

401 - unathorized. Check that the API key is passed in the headers, client_id and client_secret.

500 - Internal server error. The service is temporarily unavailable, please try later.

Getting started

Explore the API endpoints in the menu on the left of the page, and utilise the mocking endpoint when exploring the responses that are given by the API. The mocking service can also be used as an aid when developing the client application.