Account Information Services APIs

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Sandbox Mocking Information - Error Scenarios

To invoke the APIs, a developer needs to download test accounts by registering and logging into the BOI Developer Portal. Test accounts will provide the PSU/customer account details required to invoke the APIs.

This section provides Sandbox mocking information related to API requests and responses.

API NameEmpty Response
For PSU ID: 34080157
500 Internal Server Error
For PSU ID: 18070751
Single Account InfoN/Aβœ”
Account BalancesN/Aβœ”
Account Transactionsβœ”βœ”
Account Beneficiariesβœ”βœ”
Account Productβœ”βœ”
Account Direct-Debitsβœ”βœ”
Account Scheduled Paymentsβœ”βœ”
Account Standing Ordersβœ”βœ”
Account Statementsβœ”βœ”


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