Payment Initiation API

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PISP (Payment Initiation Service Provider API): PISP APIs are payment initiation services that offer retailers another way of taking online payments. These service providers let a shopper pay directly from his/her bank account. Users do not give a bank login details to a merchant, or, vice versa, the merchant user’s login details to the bank account; users simply give permission to the merchant to execute payments on the user’s behalf via the bank account.

PSD2 – is a second Payment Services Directive introduced into EU banking. PSD2 will allow firms to electronically instruct a bank to make a payment from a customer’s payment account or retrieve account information via an API. This RAML specification is designed by MuleSoft and could be extended when implementing the API design to backend systems like Temenos. This specification covers the following resources:

  • Initiate - payee information is provided to the API as a JWT token.

Catalyst Accelerator for Banking

This API implementation is one of many components included in Catalyst Accelerator for Banking. It provides organizations with connectivity assets that accelerate project delivery in financial services, including pre-built API designs and implementations that support core banking business processes. Please contact to find out more.

How to open this RAML in Studio?

You can reference a RAML file directly from the HTTP connector by following the steps listed here.


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